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I fancy a Snog

It's about 25°C, hot and humid and all I can think about is having a Snog. If you haven't had your first Snog yet, hot foot down to South Kensington or Soho in London for a scoop of delicious, natural, organic frozen yoghurt.

Frozen yoghurt has been mainly a US trend, and Snog is going to make it a big one here too. The cool, pop pink fro-yo bars serve frozen yoghurt made from fresh, non-fat organic yoghurt sweetened with Agave nectar. You choose from natural, green tea or chocolate flavour, before selecting a choice of toppings including fruit, nuts and chocolate.

Closed until late, I predict that fro-yo and dessert bars are going to be big post-dinner and drink hotspots here in London, just as they are in Hong Kong and New York.

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