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Secret Bar in London: Frevd

Photography courtsey of Frevd
Frevd is situated in tourist central that is Covent Garden.  Located underneath a homeware shop at the end of Shaftesbury Avenue end of Neal Street, it's one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it places. 

To get to the bar you walk down a rickety steel staircase until you reach, what at first glance looks like a disused public toilet, but is actually an underground bar.

To describe Frevd as tiny is an understatement. There's hardly room for a football team. It regularly gets rammed, so you'll probably poke your head in a find a room full of people packed in like sardines, and want to give it a miss. But almost always you won't, because some how Frevd will work it's charm. You'll find some nook, cranny or step to perch on and sip on a delicious cocktails while enjoying the monthly art exhibition which adorns its cavernous walls.

Verdict:   Some people may think Frevd has losted its edge over the years, but I really love it for being unique, individual and a little rough. 

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Unknown said...

You make everything sound so exciting! I'm looking forward to more posts about secret places. thanks

Sophie said...

Thank you for your comment!

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