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Join the Ice Cream Revolution

With blaring music and a club like decor, The Icecreamists is the rock n roll of ice cream parlours. The pop-up ice cream boutique with a punk twist is is temporarily located in the Ultralounge in the basement of Selfridges until November.  

What you'll first notice when looking at The Icecreamist menu is its size. It's huge and organised like cocktail list, except it's less straightforward. Instead of a list of flavours all the ice creams have gimmicky names like Obamorama, which is a milk chocolate ice cream or Born & Bread which is English brown bread. If you want mass produced stuff go to Haagen Daz in Leicester Square, this is gelato made freshly on the premises.

For adults only, the extensive menu also has selection of ice cream cocktails including the Sex Pistol, which thelondonpaper has called the 'Viagra' ice cream which is only limited to one per customer. It includes a concoction of ingredients said to boost the libido including ginkgo, biloba, arginine and guarana, and is served with a shot of La Fee Absinthe served in a pink water pistol. Neither myself or my friend went for this option, but according to the manager the first paying couple to order the frozen aphrodisiac were in their sixties and left in hurry after finishing their last mouthful.

Peach went for the Espresso Yourself, a scoop of ice cream served with a cup of steaming hot Italian espresso. The ice cream melted within seconds of the coffee being poured, so he had to eat it in quick time but he had no complaints and said it was delicous. I went for Carmeltdown which is made from the dulce con leche. I found the ice cream sweet and milky, however the texture was too soft and it was nothing like the Argentinian sticky stuff I lust after.

When we visited The Icecreamists on its opening night, it was buzzing and full people in contrast to the deserted homeware concession it shares floor space with.  Perhaps everyone from the store had decided to stop shopping and head for ice cream apres shopping? Who knows, but you can join the ice cream revolution now before it ends in November.
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