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Schwartz Bros in Bath

So the AB and I were in Bath last week.   We did all the usual touristy things, visit the Roman Baths, spend a relaxing afternoon in the Thermae Spa, admire the Georgian buildings and discover possibly the coolest burger joint.  Okay, maybe the latter isn't so conventional but if you're ever in Bath and love hamburgers make sure you check out Schwartz Bros on Sawclose.

Located a few short steps from the Thermae SpaThe tiny take away burger joint is a beacon of urban cool in the West Country and wouldn't look out of place in New York's Lower Eastside.  When we visited it was run by a trio of teenage boys wearing black trucker hats and baggy tees who flip burgers to order.  It was how I'd envisage a ghetto version of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen would be like if it was run by Jay-Z somewhere in Brooklyn.  The walls of the take away are littered with gig and club posters.  To complete the look there is a retro style black menu with neon lettering and hip hop music pumping in the background.   There's no seating, so you just order at the counter, grab a raffle ticket and wait for your number to be called to collect your food. 

I opted for the garlic and mayonnaise burger and was really impressed.   The beef patty was juicy, well cooked and not too big so I didn't need to squeeze it to take a bite.  While the garlic mayonnaise was the perfect accompaniment to the burger - it added a bit of zing, but wasn't too overpowering.  The only disappoint were the French fries. I found them too starchy like BK fries.

Verdict: In a world awash with samey gourmet concept burger restaurants Schwartz Bros is a welcome addition to the burger scene.  I only wish they'd open one in London. 

Schwartz Bros, 4 Sawclose, Bath, Avon, BA1 1EY

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Anonymous said...

There is no Swartz in thecity of Brizle the only other ones down wallcot street in Bath.

Sophie said...

Whoops! I was informed by a friend from Bath that the only other one was in Bristol, so I stand corrected.

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