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Beirut Street Food in Soho

Hidden along a grim alley called Green Court located just off Brewer Street in Soho is Yalla Yalla, a new Lebanese which has been getting rave reviews since it opened a couple of months ago.  The AB and I stumbled across the little cafe the Sunday before we headed off to Mexico.  We'd already eaten at Japanese Ryo Noodle Bar on Brewer Street, but once we'd spied bright and cheery black and yellow exterior, we couldn't resist the opportunity to stop by.

Yalla Yalla's less than desirable location (it's in the heart of Soho's red light district) led us to naively to think that we could sit and snack on a mezze and enjoy one of cafe's freshly squeezed juices, while devouring the Sunday papers.  Sadly, it was not to be.  All of the dozen or so tables cafe were full of people who were Soho locals or had either read the reviews in the FT (who wears chinos in Soho?) and Time Out.    So we resigned ourselves to eating on the go and headed to the counter, where we were met with a large black board menu written in chalk.

Yalla Yalla Beirut Street Food on UrbanspoonThe extensive menu positioned above the counter detailed various Lebanese delights including homemade hommos, baba ghannouh and fattoush served with warm pitta bread and pickles, grilled lamb and chicken mains.  However, I got distracted by what was displayed on the counter which was laden with various different wraps and pastries.  I felt like a kid in a sweet shop,and mus tthave spent at least 10 minutes deliberating what to order.  I finally settled with a chicken taouk wrap, one of my favourite Lebanese dishes.

The wrap which was filled with charcoal grilled chicken, garlic sauce, lettuce and pickled cucumber was toasted in a Foreman.  It was delicious.  The chicken was really succulent.  I particularly enjoyed the mix of the lightly spiced marinade the chicken was cooked in and the creamy garlic sauce.   The wrap was really light and filling.  A bargain at £4 I would say it was on a par with some of the wraps I've had on Edgware Road in London, and will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu.

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