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Step back in time at Dennis Severs House

If you're strapped for things to do this weekend, why not step back in time and experience the still life drama of an authentic 18th Century home at Dennis Severs House .  The Georgian House tucked away on a cobbled street near Liverpool Street train station, was devised and created by the artist to be a living museum of a home occupied by a ficitional Huegeuenot family of silk weavers called Jervis. 

As you enter the house you are advised to imagine what cannot be seen, and to conduct your visit in silence.   It's a spooky and incredibly errie experience, with candles flickering, sounds and smells wafting in and out of rooms to tease your senses and give the impression the inhabitants have just left. 

Visiting the house is a truly magical experience and it's hard to imagine the artist himself lived in the house until he passed away 1999, without electricity just as the family would have done.  If you're in East London this weekend visiting Spitalfied perhaps, or work in the city I'd strongly recommend you take a visit to the house.  The AB and I went last month and we both agreed it's nothing like anything we'd experienced before, it's just  a shame we didn't get there earlier to avoid the crowds, and truly immerse ourselves in the time capsule Severs has created.

Dennis Severs House is located on 18 Folgate Street.  £12 every Monday evening (not bank hols) by candlelight; booking essential. Also 12 noon-4pm every Sunday, last admission 3.15pm £8, and 12noon-2pm the Monday following the first and third Sun £5; no booking required
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