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Bryon at the Intrepid Fox

The eponymous "Byron Burger"
 Byron is a chain of burger joints that have been springing up in London over the last couple of years, but it wasn't until a month ago that I actually managed to eat at one.  And a month later, we're back again on a Friday night at the same branch, Byron at the Intrepid Fox for my friend Glamazon's (nicknamed so because of her supermodel-esque looks) birthday.

Why are we back here again?   Well, Glamzon had a bit of birthday emergency and needed a cheap but central venue that served good food and drinks and Bryon at the Intrepid Fox with its private basement bar and free hire fee fulfilled this brief perfectly.  Best of all you can bring along your Ipod and play your own tunes.

For those who care to remember, the Intrepid Fox in its original incarnate is an iconic rock n roll pub, once patronised by the likes of Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart and the Sex Pistols, Zodiac until 2006 when it was sold off,   Until Bryon took over, the site had been lying empty for the last three years.  I was really interested to see what had become of  the legendary boozer. The interior of Byron at The Intrepid doesn't share the same interior of its predecessor.  It's been completely gutted and replaced with a modern industrial interior with metal tables and white walls.  In a nod to its Soho locale, the downstairs bar houses a TV hidden behind a large velvet curtain playing porn and a red neon light with the words 'Fresh meat'.

Courgette fries
So, what about the burgers? The hamburgers start at £6.25 for the classic which you can customise by adding a variety of toppings including a choice of cheeses, avocado and sauces.  All the burgers are served in a soft plain bun, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo come with a pickle on the side.  I went for the house burger - the "Bryon Burger", dry-cured bacon, cheddar cheese and the special Byron sauce, which from what I gathered was made from a mayo, ketchup and capers.   The beef was juicy and cooked to an exact medium.  The burger itself was also the perfect size.  Unlike GBK burgers you can actually take a bite of the whole thing without the filling sliding out of the bun.

The fries were served nice and hot, although I preferred the homemade chips with skin we had the first time we were here which were much crispier.   The courgette fries were also as good as I had the first time.   We also tried the macaroni cheese, which was sold out the last time we were here.  Was it worth the wait? In an answer no.  I was expecting real American style "mac n cheese", but what we got tasted like it came out of a packet.

Byron on UrbanspoonVerdict:  All in all, I'm a big fan of Byron.  It's not as good as the hamburgers I've eaten in the US, but it comes very close and I'll definitely be back (again).
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