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Starve off the cold with Chocolate Soup in Edinburgh

A hug in a mug
While we were in Edinburgh, we stumbled across a cafe called Chocolate Soup on Hunter Square, serving you've guessed it chocolate soup.  The hot chocolates are served in big cups, that are so big you're offered a spoon to drink them. 

There's a choice of milk and white chocolate 'soup' served hot or cold with a range of toppings including whipped cream and chocolate flake.  I went for a hot milk chocolate with mini marshmallows.  The choco soup was warm and rich, and best of all made of real chocolate so was more chocolatey than sweet. 

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Verdict:  It's a chocoholics' heaven and the perfect place to recharge before making that hike up the Royal Mile.  And if you don't have a sweet tooth there's also coffee and other drinks on offer.
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