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I haven't been for drinks at Loungelover for a while, so forgot what a find it is in grim streets of East London.  If you haven't been you must.  The cocktail bar is located around the corner from its sister restaurant, Les Trois Garcon on Club Row.  It's not located on the most desirable streets, so it's one of those places you only go if you know where it is. 

Drinking wonderland
When you enter the bar you're greeted with a Moulin Rouge-esque room filled with a cornucopia of baroque-esque paraphernalia, and just random objets d'art (check-out the eerie children's outfits hanging on the doors to the ladies and male gents).  It's decor theatre but you don't go here to be wowed by the interior you come here for good expertly made cocktails, but averaging £10 they're not cheap. 

The bar itself is frequented by a mixture of cash rich city boys and the usual trendy Shoreditch types, looking for a relaxing and chilled out venue to have a drink. 

I like the Loungelover, but my only gripe  are the waiting staff, who after serving us drinks, immediately presented with our bill which made us feel like they wanted us in and out of the door.  I'm hoping it's an isolated incident, but I mean how hard is it to ask for a card.

Loungelover is not the type of place that you drop into, as a lounge bar everyone is meant to be seated, so make sure you book a table in advance and save your spot in one of the most eclectically decorated bars in London.

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