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What does a deep-fried Mars bar taste like?

Battered and deep fried Mars bar

The deep-fried Mars bar is a calorific treat invented by the Scots.  I'd heard lots about this novelty delicacy, so was très excited when I stumbled across a chippy Clam Shell on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh that served them.

So, what does it taste like?  Well, the batter was surprisingly crispy and light - similar to the casing on a warm McDonald's applie pie.   The first bite released a rich and warm chocolately goo - a combination of melted nougat and carmel filling, which contrasted perfectly with the savoury batter.  It was really tasty, and would make a really fun dessert but it was far too rich for me and I could only manage two bites before leaving the AB to finish it.   If I ever plan on serving a deep-fried Mars bar, I'd serve it with  some vanilla ice-cream.

I was really surprised by the deep-fried specialties available - anyone for deep fried pizza or kebab?  Well, yes I was. The AB talked me into eating a deep-fried pizza.  What was it like? Well, it was a very crispy, cheap margherita pizza, which much to the AB's disappointment fried without batter - I've since heard that there are batter versions available.  It was akin to eating an oily biscuit, I'd advise you steer well clear and stick to the chips and deep-fried sweets.

If you're interested in making your own, check out this how to on Video Jug
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Life Artist ~ said...


any way mars lover.. check my mars coffee recipe,
you're welcomed =)

thank you for sharing.

Eat, Drink, Sleep, Shop & Love said...

It looks amazng. I'm definitely going try it out this week.

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