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Mos Burger in HK

Mos Burger cheese burger meal

Mos Burger is a fast food chain that originated in Japan. Mos, an acronym for "Mountain", "Ocean" and "Sea", refers to the founder's personal philosophy.

Mos cheese burger and ragu sauce

The restaurant's menu is more extensive than what you'd find at McDonald's or a Burger King, but includes all the usual suspects you'd expect to be served at a burger joint, plus some uniquely Japanese creations including Chicken Teriyaki Burgers and Hokkaido Croquette. It also includes Mos Rice Burgers -  grilled rice buns made with barley and millet, served with a range of fillings including fried seafood and Yakiniku (grilled strips of beef).

Unlike other fast food restaurants, where you queue, place your order and then collect what you've ordered, at Mos Burger, you queue, place your order, take a number and find a seat, before waiting for the waiter to serve you what you've ordered as it's been made fresh from scratch in the kitchen. Observably, this is as far removed from fast food as a a fast food chain can be, and from ordering it can take anything from 10 to 15 minutes for your order to arrive, but trust mean you won't mind because when it arrives the burgers are unlike anything you've ever eaten.

Chicken teriyaki burger
Both the AB and I went for the Mos Cheese Burger, which was my favourite Mos Burger at the time. Mos Burger tailors its menus to local tastes, and the Spicy Mos Cheese Burger which is available in Singapore, but not in Hong Kong is now deservedly my favourite. The burgers were served in a wicker basket with a side of fries, just like in the diner in Saved by the Bell.

The burgers, which were juicy meat patties were cooked to perfection and sandwiched in fluffy buns that tastes slightly sweet is served with a ragu tasting sauce, chopped onions and a sliced tomato, is an interesting combination and unlike any burger I've eaten. The combination of sweet and savoury is odd at first, as is that spag bol sauce, but the combination is strangely moreish.    After his first bite, and some silence, the AB proclaimed that it was the best thing he's eaten and proceeded to order the Mos Chicken Teriyaki Burger, a moist chicken breast marinated in a sweet teriyaki sauce, which he finished with the same gusto.

The Mos Burger we visited was located in Langham Place, and is a great place for a quick bite and people watching.
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Herbie said...

Hi there,
You're right about the cheeseburgers from MOS. I live in Taipei and had only tried their rice burgers before as I'd always thought the cheeseburger would be pretty plain; ala Maccas, Hungry jacks/BK (clearly I'm an Australian) but MOS's cheeseburgers are something else. Oooh wee! At the moment they're doing a porcini mushroom cheeseburger, almost worth a trip to asia for it. Thanks for the recommendation. So good.

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