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My favourite breakfast place in Hong Kong

For a food lover, Hong Kong is like a big foodie crack den.  There are just so many places to eat and drink, that you could probably spend every waking day (and night) for a whole life time eating and drinking at different places.  With so many places to eat, and not much time in the city, an early start was integral to me fulfilling my foodie fix, starting with breakfast.  So, even before the AB had time to grumble "what time is it?", and for me to answer "time to get up", I already knew there was only one place I wanted us to head to, and that place was the Australian Dairy Company (ADC).

I first read about ADC on Charmaine Mok of Time Out London's blog, Tasty Treats, before I uncovered numerous numbers of bloggers waxing lyrical about the Hong Kong eatery and its famed golden coloured scrambled eggs.   The place has a real cult following, and even has its own Facebook fan page which at last count had 9,178 members.

I'd read much about the hoards of people who queue day and night to indulge in the restaurant's all day breakfasts, so we timed our arrival to ADC to avoid the morning rush.   Before we even stepped in, we were greeted at the door bya waiter; standing two metres away, in mid service shouting at us in Chinese.  And even before we could shout "two", and wave two fingers in the air, he'd already herded us to a  table occuppied by two locals fervently enjoying their breakfast.

Scrambled eggs and toast
ADC is not the place to go for a long lazy breakfast or chat.  Before we even had time to open up the menu, a waiter was on our case about ordering.  But there was one problem the menu was in Chinese and there were no pictures. Nightmare!  For a split second I had visions of us walking around the chaotic restaurant pointing at what other people were eating.   Luckily on being greeted with our blank faces we were handed an English translation of the menu. But don't let the presence of an English menu put you off.  ADC is as far removed from a tourist trap then you can imagine, despite it being lauded by food bloggers around the world, all of the diners were locals.

Scrambled egg sandwich
To my surprise there were lots of other dishes to choose from on the menu, other than the famed eggs, but we were here to try one thing only and that was the scrambled eggs.  I ordered the ridiculously good value set menu of scrambled eggs served with two slices of  toast, a steaming hot bowl of chicken soup with macaroni and ham and a glass of iced Milo (HK$28 including a HK$2 supplement for iced drinks).   The AB went for scrambled eggs sandwich (HK$13) and a glass of iced Milo too.

Chicken soup
ADC is a well oiled machine and within minutes of ordering, our food was served.    As Charmaine concludes in her review of ADC, it takes a lot of skill to create the simplest of dishes and elevate it to something that people would queue up and pay their hard earned cash for and ADC certainly has it covered. They were light, fluffy and perfectly seasoned.    On eating, I soon discovered that best way to eat the eggs was sandwiched in between the thick slices of buttered toast.    The AB took to his sandwich with much enthusiasm, and I don't remember him putting his sandwich down other than to take slurp of his iced Milo.  

Iced Milo
The soup, however, was a bizarre concoction of macaroni and slices of ham swimming in a watery, and extremely salty chicken soup.  It wasn't really my cup of tea, but I wasn't here for the soup.  I was here for the scrambled eggs which certainly lived up to all the hype and more.

Verdict: The Australian Dairy Company is unlike anywhere I've eaten before.   There's no chit chat with the waiters, or even smiles.   All they're concerned about is getting you in and out in the quickest possible time.  A visit here is certainly not for the faint heartened, but if you want to try probably the lightest, and fluffest eggs in Hong Kong then this is a must-visit.

Australia Dairy Company, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong
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