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Lamb on Chapel Street

No I wasn't drunk and looking for a post-night out snack.  The AB and his friends can vouch for the fact that I was perfectly sober when I walked in to Lamb on Chapel Street in Melbourne and ordered myself a lamb souvlaki to go!  (I know street eating is so wrong, but I couldn't resist the lure of lamb cooked on charcoal spit).

The wrap was a delicious combination of lamb covered in lashings of garlic sauce and salad.  Unlike doner kebabs, made of low grade meat found in most UK high streets, the meat in the kebab was pretty good.  I'd be lying if it didn't taste like I was eating a roll of fat, yes it was greasy, but so deliciously wrong it was heavenly.

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Limo said...

nothing wrong with street eating!!

Anonymous said...

We lived in Melbourne in 1993 and used to go here. It was lovely and never had souvlaki like it since. Helen & Pete Gardner

Viagra Online said...

I don't like lamb very much, but this wrap is fantastic. I hadn't a lot of time without taste something as delicious as it. I really recommend it.

Anonymous said...

A guy wrap my food with paper using a pen wrote my order on it. i asked for a replacement and that guy ask me "will you get sick ?!" with extremely rude manner. He is very angry and making fun of me by asking me will i get sick too if he put the wrapped soulvaki into another paper bag because there is a logo printed on the external layer paper bag. Horrible staff and services they had. Will never go there again, rude people

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