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Little Cupcakes in Melbourne

I love the Little Cupcakes shop on Degraves Street.  The cupcake shop was one of the first to open in Melbourne and still remains one of the incredibly popular.  We arrived there at 4 in the afternoon and the counters are almost bear apart from these cute little morsels.

There's not much to choose from as all the full-sized cupcakes have already been sold, so I go for a mini cupcake with butter sponge and lemon frosting.  

The frosting is incredibly zesty, but the sponge slightly dry which is perhaps due to the fact they've been out all day,  but that's fine because they're so scrummy.  The AB's Teddy Bear cupcake is a chocolate sponge with a white chocolate frosting and a Tiny Teddy biscuit.  The cupcakes are so cute it's hard to eat them.  If there were more cupcakes we could have most definitely had another one (or two).
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Cupcakes Melbourne said...

Wow those cakes look great - but you scare me with the amount of food colouring needed for those cupcakes.....

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