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Good Vyve

During our stay in Melbourne we were lucky enough to be invited for breakfast to the AB's friend Ange's cafe Vyve in Heindelberg.  I really loved it and not because it's own by one of the AB's friend, but because it's one of those chic local haunts you wish would open up in your own neighbourhood.

What really sets Vyve apart from the other fantastic cafes in Melbourne (of which there are many), is its laid back and no nonsense atmosphere. Its got that Central Perk vibe about it, and though it's cliche to write this but it was actually full of friends just catching up over a coffee.  And the fact that Ange and his sister Natalie who run the place seem to know everyone's names only confirmed this to be true.

The Vyve Big Breakfast

We had the Vyve Big Breakfast two free range eggs served with bacon, field mushrooms, oven roasted tomato, potato rösti, sausage & sourdough toast.  And yes, those mushrooms were meaty and tomatoes are as scrummy as they looked. 

I only wish I had the chance to go there for dinner and try the gnocchi that I'd heard so much about -  the AB says it's one of the best that he's ever had.

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