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AB's first laksa in Singapore

After checking into the New Majestic, the AB and I set out to find ourselves a laksa.  Undoubtedly known as one of Singapore's national dishes, it is available on every street corner and in food courts in the city.  So we only had to walk a short five minutes away to find a hawker centre to fulfill our craving.

The makeshift food court located in the Pearl Centre consists of several stalls specialising in different dishes, from rice to noodle dishes, but we only had one thing on our minds.

On recommendation from the staff at the New Majestic, we ordered a Katong Laksa.  From ordering it took literally three quick minutes for the dish to be served from a big pot of ready made soup.  The whole experience brought a whole new meaning to the term fast food.  It made me wonder why there aren't more places that serve fresh and healthy food like the hawker centres in Singapore, but more about that in another blog. 

The curried soup noodle was incredibly fragrant and was served with a medley of seafood including fish sticks, prawns and cockles.   It's the later ingredient which apparently makes this a 'Katong' laksa.

Verdict:  Laksa is such a hearty dish, there's not much you could dislike about this dish but if I was going to try a laksa again, I'd probably say no to the cockles - they gave the soup a really unpleasant fishy taste.
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