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Flea Fly Flo Fun

If you're in Singapore in September make sure you check out the 'indie-electric' flea market called Flea Fly Flo Fun.

Housed in the F1 Pit Building, this is where Singaporean hipsters flock to every month, to pick up anything from vintage wears, designer cast-offs, limited edition trainers and handmade jewellery.  And as they rummage there's a DJ spinning tunes.  It's ever so cool and so underground.

From the outside of the building there's nothing apart from a flag hung on the side of the building, to give away what lies on the third floor, so for out-of-towners may find it tricky to find.  And it's quite a shock to see how busy it is.  Despite the crowds it's quite a laid back affair, so you don't have to worry about any fashinionista showdowns.  

There's so many stalls, and I was quite dubious about the vintage status of most of the items -  I think it was a label used to describe something second hand.  Most of it looked like overstock from high street stores, and if you're prepared to get in the midsts of things there are some great finds, but be prepared there is quite a bit of crap to get through before you uncover anything of worth.

Look out for  Nenene Bubu a handmade jewellery store selling vintage inspired earrings.  There's also a great stall with no name selling retro sportswear from the 70s and 80s.
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