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New Majestic in Singapore

Colonial shop front
So, I'm really behind on my blog posts.  In fact several months behind, or in blog terms is several years but please bear with me!  I'm now officially on my fourth and final leg of my Oz via Asia adventure: Singapore.  All being well, by next week I'll finally stop blogging retrospectively and driving myself insane by trying to recall details from places I've visited and eaten several months ago.  If I had any  foresight, I really should have locked myself away, stopped eating out and continued blogging until I cleared this huge backlog.

So, on to Singapore and before you skip over this post because you think Singapore only visit because a free stopover destination and devoid of any culture, please stop.  Singapore is so much more than just skyscrapers, ice-cream sandwiches and Orchard Road. Due to the volcanic ash, the AB and I were stranded in the the city a whole two weeks longer than planned, which serendiptiously led us to uncovering another side to the city.  Far from living up to its nickname 'Singa-bore', we found a city that is confidently embracing its cultural diversity, while comfortably mixing old with new.

Modern interior

A good example of this mix of old and new is the New Majestic, a boutique hotel set in a converted colonial style shop buildings from the early twentieth century.  The hotel is located on the edge of Chinatown, and is an oddity in a city populated by bland hotels catering to business travellers.

The rooms
Each of the 30 rooms in the hotel are designed by an emerging  Singaporean artist.   There's a plaque outside each, that includes a description of the room and name of the artist. And because of the volcanic ash, we were lucky enough to stay in a few different types of rooms.

Premier Garden Room
Floating bed

We stayed in room 211.  The room is located on the first floor, on the same level as the outdoor pool and gym, which is a big plus.  If you're staying on the other floors, you'd have to take the lift.  The room we stayed was called 'One day I floated away' and was designed by an artist called Safaruddin Abdul Hamid (aka Dyn).

Outdoor bath - great for a soak after a day in Singapore's sweltering climes
There's not much information about the different artists and rooms on the website, so I had no idea what to expect, but a red coloured room with a silhouette of a cat floating across a red sky wasn't it.  But forget the art.  The unique selling point of the Premier Garden Room is the outdoor cast iron bath tub and private verrandah.  In the blistering humidity of Singapore, it was a welcome place to retreat to for a cooling and relaxing soak.

Pros: The location on the second floor and the verandah - the outdoor space made the room feel spacious

Cons: This Premier Garden Room is my second favorite room we stayed in.  My only niggle is with the toilet.  It's located in a glass shower type cubicle in the corner of the room, and not the most private design.

Premier Pool Room
The room is the same size and layout as the Premier Garden Room, but minus the outdoor area.  One of the reasons why I hated this room was the design, themed around weeds.  The room is dotted with potted plants protruding from the ceiling and walls, that casted dark ominous shadows across the room.

Pros:  None - I hated this room

Cons:  Without the verandah the room felt like a box.  It was my least favourite room.

Lifestyle Room
We stayed in the Mirror Room. I loved the sleek, space-age look of the room with its white, clean colour scheme.  As its names suggests the room is covered in mirrors.   Although it was incredibly spacious, the room doesn't have any windows, and the lack of sunlight made it feel as claustrophobic as hell.

Pros:  The separate bathroom - it was nice to have some privacy!

Cons: Unlike the first two rooms, the room has its own separate bathroom, but this isn't enough to talk me in to staying in the room again.  It's also located on the top floor which means the only way to get there is via the lift.

The Aquaroom
Encased bath tub
This room was light, airy and spacious.   The main feature of the room is the glass-encased aquarium bathtub in the centre of the room.   There's also a balcony which overlooks Bukit Pasoh - it was great for people watching.  The room was painted in deep crimson and includes two lit silhouettes of women dancing on the wall.

Pros: Everything - this was my favourite room.

Cons: You can't have everything, but I couldn't help imagine how much better the room would be if it had a verandah.

Anything else you should know
  • All the rooms include toiletries from Kiehls (I love my products), a Nespresso coffee machine, ipod dock, complimentary soft drinks and free wifi
  • An Anglo-Chinese continentl breakfast is also included as part of the room rate 
  • The MTR is only a two minute walk away, and Orchard Road a ten minute cab ride away
Verdict:  The New Majestic is a hip and cool hotel, but what I loved most about the place were the staff.  Far from being the snooty staff you seem to encounter in design hotels, they were incredibly friendly and couldn't do more to make us feel welcome.  It's was a home from home while we were stranded and I'd love to return.
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