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The Pie Kia Shop

By day two in Singapore the AB quickly realised that the whole city revolves around food.  There are food places literally everywhere, including the MTR stations.   We discovered this cute little pie shop in Dhoby Exchange.

Pie Kia which is Singlish for 'Pie Kid', is a cool 'street-style' pie shop that sells bite-sized savoury and sweet pies with uniquely Singaporean fillings (lemon fish or sardines, anyone?!!!).   You have the option of small which are the ones in the picture above, or the regular which is slightly bigger.

We went for two small 'cheese and ham' and 'peppered chicken' pies.  The casing was absolutely delicious, flakey, and oddily sweet but somehow it all worked.
Small pies
Verdict:  At $1 (around 50p) for a small pie, it's a relatively cheap snack to have on the go rather than a full on meal.
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