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Red Rooster

I was really surprised about the influence of American fast food culture in Australia.  Red Rooster, is an Australian-born chicken place that has been feeding Aussie families since 1972.  There's over 360 restaurants located across Western Australia.

The fast food restaurant serves freshly roasted, free range chicken.  It's a cross between a British supermarket rotisserie and KFC.  The menu includes a selection of the usual items you'd expect from a chicken restaurant, burgers, wraps and uniquely whole roast chickens, which you can buy with an array of  accompaniments including potatoes, vegetables and gravy.

The AB took me to one in Perth.  He ordered a selection of sandwiches from the menu, including his favourite item a special strip sub, a baguette filled with two strips of breaded chicken, lettuce and mayo.  The chicken was lovely and moist, but the baguette was a bit of a let down by virtue of the fact it was under baked.  The outlets are franchises, so I won't judge the quality of food on this one outlet and we tried it again on Rottnest (AB needed his Red Rooster fix before we left his homeland), and it was perfectly cooked.  We also tried some fries with the restaurant's famous chicken salt and gravy dip, but the highlight for me were the cheesy nuggets. Crispy on the outside and filled with gooey cheese ooze.

Verdict:  I love the idea of freshly roast dinner in a bag.  And a fast food chain using free range chicken - this is the future.  It's a healthier alternative to the KFC bargain bucket, that mums' won't actually feel guilty about serving to their families.
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