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Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Delicious is how I'd describe the XXL Chicken served at Shihilin Taiwan Street Snacks.   I stumbled across the Taiwanese themed fast food bar in Far East Plaza just off Orchard Road.

If you've ever been to Taipei, then you'll know Shlihlin is the name of the city's night market famed for its wide range of local delicacies.  There are a variety of dishes to choose from on the menu, including Crispy Egg Floss Crepe and Homemade Oyster Mee Sua, but there was clearly one snack that was on everyone's lips - XXL Chicken. 

This snack is made of chicken fillet, breaded and fried until it's crispy and golden, before being cut with a pair of scissors into strips.  It's then tossed in a special blend of  moreish Chinese spices.  I'm not sure what the spices are a blend of but it tasted like a combination of five spice and salt.

It's then served to you in a paper bag and for you to eat with a wooden skewer on the go.

Verdict:  Great, cheap and tasty Chicken snack.

Cost: $3 (around £0.70)
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