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Singapore Slings at Raffles

It may be one of the biggest tourist traps in Singapore, but you can't come to Singapore and not enjoy a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar at Raffles, the bar where the recipe was concocted.  And the interior hasn't changed since the cocktail was created back in 1915.

We get to the bar early one evening, and it's busy  with tourists, here for only one thing and embarrassingly we are too.  As we make our way across the room to a table in the corner,  we crush peanut shells on the floor as we walk.  Once seated, our order is immediately taken and as if like magic, the famed pink coloured cocktail is brought out for me and a beer for the AB.  We help ourselves to a fresh bowl of monkey nuts, while tossing our shells on the floor, as it has been customary since colonial times.

The cocktail isn't bad, but as we look around the room we are greeted with the forlorn faces of tourists. There's a live band playing upstairs, but the place is so devoid of atmosphere.  We decide  to move to the bar to be in the midst of the action, and are dumbfounded to discover that the cocktails are all  pre-mixed and we've paid a ridiculous amount for the privilege.  That ended our night there and then. 

Verdict:  You'll get much better made cocktails at numerous bars in Singapore, so go for one and head elsewhere.

Costs: An eye-watering $30 for a Singapore Sling (around £14.30)
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