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Up on the Loof

Loof is a rooftop bar located closed to Raffles.  It's one of those bars located at the top of an office block, which by de facto means its cool. True to form, there's a DJ playing lounge music,and staff in black uniforms and sleek industrial interior - it has all the elements that makes a place hip.

It's a great vantage point for enjoying panoramic views of the city, but despite being in the open air it's a sweat pit.  We order a cocktail for me and a Tiger beer for the AB to quench our thirst.   I go for cocktails starting with the Time Out nominated, Gummiberry, a delicious mix of forest berries, gin, Cointreau and French meringue.  However, my whole experience at Loof was marred by the ridiculous table service, which meant we were prevented from ordering directly from the bartender, and paying our waiter the privilege of walking a metre to serve us our drinks when we could quite have easily swung round to grab our drinks from the bar. 

Verdict:  Great cocktails and beautiful views, but the ridiculous no-orders taken from the bar policy puts it on a par with the tourist-rific prices at the Raffles down the road.

Costs: Gummiberry $16 (around £7.60), Tiger beer $12 (around £5.70)
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