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Gimme 4 fingers

BonChon chicken is set to be the next big thing in fast food.  If you haven't heard of it yet, you will do soon.  4 Fingers BonChon, is the Singaporean franchise of the shop founded by a group of four friends who discovered it in Korea Town in New York, hence 'four fingers'.  On the cusp of world domination, BonChon crispy chicken was recently voted Best Fried Chicken in America by GQ and Esquire, and only in America would they have an award for fried chicken, but it's pretty impressive nonetheless.

The AB and I visited the the franchise in ION Orchard, after spotting it after eating in Food Opera.  The interior takes inspiration from it's New York roots, specifically the urban cool of the Lower East Side, with graffiti style posters adorning the industrial white tiled walls.

The restaurant is small, and you order from the counter before giving your name and taking a seat at the large communal bench at the side.  We'd already eaten, which is such a shame because I would have happily skipped our interlude at the food court for some yummy  chicken at 4 Fingers.  We ordered a chicken katsu sandwich and while we waited for our order the server, kindly gives us ssome picy chicken wings.  I never eat meat off the bone, but after an endorsement from GQ and Esquire I couldn't resist.

The skin was thin and incredibly crispy.  I'd expected to  to find really dry sinews of meat underneath, but that couldn't be farther from the truth - the meat was moist and perfectly cooked.  Oh and the flavours that coasted the skin were something else - spicy but sweet.

The chicken katsu sandwich was equally yummy.  A fried mantou - a type of Chinese rice based bread, filled with the Japanese-inspired, katsu chicken and a kim chi coleslaw.  There have been a few negative comments about the katsu on the blogsphere, namely there's more katsu crumb then chicken ,but I really enjoyed it, particularly the creamy kim chi coleslaw.  It made something which should have been quite stodgy feel light and fresh.

Verdict:  Fried chicken has come of age.  Crispy and flavoursome.  I just wish I discovered it sooner.

Costs: Chicken katsu sandwich, $7.95 (around £3.80), but free if you ask for the complimentary chicken.
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