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Street Food in Singapore

There is an abdunance of world class restaurants in Singapore, but what I love most about eating in the city is its hawker centres.    And being Singapore there's no need to worry about getting a dodgy stomach, all street vendors are regulated to a high level of hygiene, so it's gourmet street food at its best.

There are so many hawker centres to speak of and you could pretty much plan a trip visiting a different one each day for a good few weeks, but one of the best we visited was Makansutra Glutton's Bay at Esplanade.  

Makansutra comprises a group of 12 stalls serving a range of classic hawker dishes including mee goreng, chicken satay and oyster omelette.  Each of the stalls have been invited by Makansutra to set up shop at the Esplanade, so it's a showcase of what the publishers considers is the best of the best street food in Singapore.

Satay selection: beef, lamb and chicken served with peanut sauce, cucumber and compresed white rice from Alhambra Padang Satay
Spicy Nasi Goreng - stir fried riced topped with an egg
Finger-licking Huat-huat BBQ Chicken Wingstion
Opposite each of the stall, near the seating area there are signs which give you background information about  each of the stalls
This tiny stretch of stalls gets incredibly busy, so best to arrive before 8pm to grab a table.  The drink stall queue is the worst (there's only one), so it's advisable to delegate someone to join the drinks queue as soon as you arrive if you do arrive at prime dining time or bring your own!  And make sure you try the ice Milo dinosaur, a chocolate malt drink sprinkled with chocolate powder.

Verdict:  A visit to Singapore isn't complete without a taste of its gourmet hawker centres.  So turn up with an empty stomach and get ready to jostle and eat like or play like a local.

Cost: Prices range start from $3.00 (around £1.50) for three satay sticks and up to $25 for chilli crab, but you could easily eat well for two including drinks for under $25.  However, if you do decide to go to a local hawker centre you can expect to pay a lot less.
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