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Taxi Drive Screening at the Jameson Cult Film Club

Last night the AB and I went to a screening of Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver at the Brewer Street Car Park in Soho.

On entering the car park we followed the enigmatic sounds of a sax player, which lead  us to several flights of stairs before eventually leading us to a slice of New York.  Here we were greeted by gangs of hustlers and hookers as we queued for our dollar bills, given out by the cinema hostesses which we could exchange for drinks at the bar. The only downer is that the dollar bills couldn't be used at the hot dog stand and the popcorn boxes available was stale.

At the start of the film Riz Ahmed, the curator of the screening took to the stage to say a few words, he was followed by an actor playing Travis Bickles.  It was an incredibly powerful performance and really brought the film to life.

With the popularity of the Secret Cinema and the success of screenings of film in unsual locations like "Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop at the Lambeth Palace", it's a shame the big studios aren't cottoning on to the fact that cinema go-ers are looking for something more than just bigger cinema seats and snacks to enhance their cinematic experiences.
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