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Get onboard the sushi train at Moshi Moshi in Liverpool Street

Train stations aren't known for having a choice of great tasting eateries.   That's why Moshi Moshi in Liverpool Street Train Station is such a lovely find.  

Hidden on the top concourse of the train station just above platform 1, and round the corner from M&S, the sushi bar holds the accolade as the UK's original conveyor belt sushi bar.

If you'd rather have some privacy you also have the option of sitting in booths which have recess, sand filled floors that overlook the platform.

Nowadays this chain, which has branches in Canary Wharf and Brighton is known for only using sustainable sources of fish in its restaurants.   The menu is varied and includes everything you'd expect to see at a sushi restaurant; nigiri, maki rolls (£1.80 - £3.60) and a selection of hot dishes including  gyoza, chicken terriyaki and aubergine densau (£2.30 - £21.00).

There are also some seasonal specials that you will be less familar with such as Cornish spider crab okayu.  A steaming bowl of rice in a soupy dashi (fish stock) broth thickened and flavoured with brown spider crab meat

The AB and I make a stop here after catching the train from Stansted airport, back from our trip to Cinque Terre.  We order a selection of dishes - as you'd expect in a Japanese restaurant all the dishes are beautifully presented, and the fish so fresh it's almost alive.

My only complaint is the sushi rice is fridge cold.  It's obviously hasn't been stored at room temperature as traditional sushi making dictates.

Verdict:  Okay, so it's not perfect but  it's a perfect place to take refuge from the hustle and bustle of Liverpool Street and the fish is incredibly fresh.

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Anonymous said...

Love this place, agree its a great way to get out of the hustle and bustle of the station that's for sure.

Ps nice blog :)

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