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Tourist in London

Isn't it strange, how the only time you ever see your country's most iconic landmarks is when you have someone visiting and you're showing them around.

Well, after watching Griff Rhys Jone's series Greatest Cities of the World, I was inspired to get to know my home town.  In the last two weeks this has included climbing the Clock Tower, which is commonly known as Big Ben and the Palace of Westminister, also known as the Houses of Parliament. 

The highlight of both tours was climing the Clock Tower and walking behind the clock face of Big Ben as it struck.  An experience the AB and I will never forget.    The tour is free, however, the only way to secure a space on a tour of Big Ben is to write to your local MP which limits this unique experience to UK residents only.  The AB was only able to come along because he was my guest.

For security reason, we weren't able to take any pictures of the Clock Tower, so here's a video we found on YouTube which gives you an inside look of what it's like to climb the tower.

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clayts said...
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Eat, Drink, Sleep, Sho said...

I definitely agree. Having an Australian boyfriend has definitely helped me to rediscover and be a tourist in my own home town!

Clayts - thanks for the link - will definitely make sure I bookmark a few trips next year when the AB's parents are in town!

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