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La Boqueria: el Mercat

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, or simply La Boqueria should form an essential part of any itinerary to Barcelona.   

Located just off the Las Ramblas, the touristic strip that runs through the city, La Boqueria is a foodie paradise.  A bustling undercover market filled with a variety of fresh produce including fish, meats, fruit and vegetables.  

It's easy to get lost in this gastronomic Aladdin's cave, walking through the market  it's hard not to be hypnotised by the myraid of colours on display. 

Then there's the tapas bars which are dotted in and around the market.   Two most famous are  El Quim and Bar Pinoxto, both serve a variety of hot and cold tapas.   Neither of the two take reservations, which means if you arrive after 1pm, you must be prepared to wait for a free spot on the cramped bar, or failing that be happy to stand and eat.  

When we were there last we simply shared a plate of juicy garlic prawns, salty pimentos de Padron and a couple of canas each before heading to Comerc 24 for our main course!

Verdict:  A must-visit just to see the abundance of produce on offer alone.  Go  for a cheap, quick and delicious lunch, but make sure you get there early.
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