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Brunch at Circus

One of my favourite traditions I've adopted over the years is Sunday brunch. Brunch isn't something us Brits really do, so there aren't many places that specialise in it.  Despite this obvious hurdle, for the past three years myself and my friend Chaggarlaki have still managed to find a few establishments in London that straddle the line between breakfast and lunch and aren't hotels.

Last year (yes, I'm seriously that behind on my blog posts) we went to Circus the cabaret restaurant in Covent Garden to road test its then brunch menu.  

I had my usual order pancakes with a side of bacon and scrabbled eggs.  Yes, the pancakes were fluffy, but  sadly they weren't made of buttermilk.  The bacon and the eggs were also a let down.  The bacon was limp and soggy, and the eggs dry. Chaggerlaki went for the humongous, heart attack on a plate English breakfast which can only go wrong if you use cheap ingredients.  I thought it was too much on a plate.

Entertainment at the restaurant came in the form of the rather grumpy Piff the Magic Dragon.  Lets just say you're either going to find him extremely annoying or hilariously funny, and I'll leave it that.

Verdict:  Circus is a perfectly nice venue, but despite being slap bang in the centre of London it was surprisingly empty when we ate there.  We were given a special 30% discount and despite this we still paid under £20 for a main and drink (fruit juices and smoothies).   For that  price you're better off heading to Automat in Mayfair or Wolseley.

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Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

Brunch is a time-honored tradition on our side of the world. We'll take a peek at that place when we do swing by London.

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