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Whatdoyoumacallit's - late night snacking in East London

I was introduced to Whatdoyoumacallit's in the early hours of the morning on a night out with the AB.

This little hole in the wall is positioned on the corner of Curtain Road/Old Street, and dubiously claims to serve "Brick Lane's famous bagels" amongst other greasy late night snacks including burgers and chips.

They may serve bagels here but they are not the chewy freshly baked beigels you find in the original Brick Lane Beigel place.  Whatdoyoumacallit is more like a stationary burger van.  Not that any of the late night revellers who are brought here every week by the wafting smells of fried onions and fat.

The last time we visited Whatdoyoumacallit I remember an inebeberated AB taking a bite out of his bacon cheeseburger proclaiming "this is the best", and me thinking "You're drunk.  It's greasy.  Of course it tastes good".

Verdict:  It ain't no Brick Lane Beigel, but I guess it's better than a dirty doner kebab
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It is a fantastic place, one of the best burgers in the area, plus the service is excellent.

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